Airhead Popsicle SUP – the Best Kids Inflatable Paddleboard?

Do you need a stand up paddle board for your child? I haven’t found many boards out there, but I do like the Airhead Popsicle SUP shown below.

Note: The Popsicle SUP is not currently available. Check out the Freein Kids SUP, complete with Air pump, carry bag and paddle.

The board can hold up to 176 lbs, and you can get the entire package for only about $200.

What Makes the Airhead Popsicle Paddleboard Worth Buying?

1. This Shorter SUP is Easy to Paddle

The shorter board length makes it easier for kids to navigate through the water, not to mention carry it there. In addition, the shorter length combined with the wide center make this a very stable SUP.

Shorter Dimensions for Kids Inflatable SUP - Airhead Popsicle

2. Heavy Duty iSUP Construction

Just like adult-sized paddleboards, the Popsicle iSUP features ultra durable drop-stitch construction. Therefore, you can count on this inflatable to last many years.

3. A 6″ SUP Provides More Stability

In addition, it has a 6″ thickness. Compared to 4″ thick paddleboards (which typically cost less), 6″ models allow for a higher PSI and therefore feel more firm. Plus, they ride higher out of the water and provide more stability.

Quad Fin Set-Up on the Airhead Popsicle Inflatable Paddle Board for Kids

4. The Airhead has a Better 4-Fin Set Up

The quad fin set-up makes this SUP glide faster through the water, VS a board with a longer tracking center fin. Furthermore, these shorter “thruster” fins make the the board easier to turn. On top of that, the fins come built-in to the paddleboard, so you don’t have to worry about losing them. Bonus!

The stainless steel D-ring at the rear of the board lets you tie up to the dock or shore. On the other hand, kids can attach other pool toys or inner tubes for their friends.

Specs for the Airhead Popsicle SUP:

  • Dimensions: 7 feet long x 30″ wide x 6″ thick
  • SUP Weight: 19 lbs
  • Weight Capacity: 30-120 lbs
  • Fins: (4) Fixed Thruster Fins, (2 x 3″, 2 x 4 3/4″)
  • Model #: AHSUP-14
  • Manufacturer: Airhead
  • Get the Airhead Popsicle here

Note: The Airhead Popsicle SUP has a unique feature that I haven’t seen before on an inflatable paddle board. It’s the molded kicktail that I normally see on wakesurf boards.

This makes me think that the board creators designed this shorter model for adults to use as a surf board too. Not to mention that the quad fin set-up allows for fast riding and maneuverability. =)

Brilliantly sneaky!

See what I mean in the video below where some guy takes this iSUP river surfing:

Airhead Popsicle SUP for Kids

Inflatable Paddleboard Package Includes:

  • Inflatable SUP with Carrying Handle
  • High Pressure Hand Pump
  • Pressure Gauge
  • Heavy Duty Carrying Backpack with Breathable Mesh
  • Valve Wrench (for tightening the inflation valve, if necessary)
  • Repair Kit (just in case)
  • Mesh Backpack
SUP Paddle for Kids

Note: This package does not come with a paddle. Maybe that’s because Airhead doesn’t want to include a paddle for kids if an adult is buying the SUP to surf. Hmmm.

Anyway, you can get an adjustable kids paddle here for about $50. Or, if you are the adult who wants to surf, you rock. You won’t need a paddle, but can get an adult SUP paddle here.


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