Solstice Bali Inflatable SUP

Solstice Bali Inflatable SUP - The Paddleboard You Can Carry on Your BackSolstice Bali Review

The Solstice Bali is one of the more popular inflatable SUPs due to its price. It is designed well with a solid construction and plenty of D-rings to transport your gear.

This is a kit – so you get a pump, gauge and carrying bag in the package. However you will need to buy a paddle, unless you happen to have an extra one laying around.

15psi Makes the Solstice Bali a Firmer, Faster Board

It also can be inflated to 15psi, whereas many other inexpensive paddleboards can only be inflated to 12psi or less.

The 15psi feature can be an advantage – for a firmer and faster board – and one that will perform better in choppy water or open surf.

However, it does get challenging to inflate the SUP to that increased pressure. The way I skirt that problem is to inflate the board once and keep it inflated in my garage.

That way I don’t have to pump it up every time I need to use it. This works if you live near the body of water on which you want to paddle, though.

Note: In my experience, you don’t have to inflate the board to exactly the maximum psi for the board. That said, the larger you are or the faster you want your board to glide, the firmer you want your board to be. You want to avoid inflating your board to less than 10psi, because it can start dipping in the middle due to not enough air.

Convenient Carrying Handle

The board has a convenient carrying handle in the middle of the board. These handles make a world of difference when carrying a large bulky item like an iSUP. It makes it easy to carry – even for a smaller person.

Nice Sized Deck Pad

The Solstice has a larger deck pad than some other competitors. The grippy pad makes it easier to keep your balance because it prevents you from slipping around.

A large deck pad is not necessary, but it can be a nice advantage, especially if you plan on doing yoga on your board or taking young kids or a pet riding with you.

4.5 star rating

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