Badfish Inflatable Fishing SUP

Badfisher Fishing SUPBadfish SUP Badfisher

What Makes This SUP Different?

This is the Badfish inflatable fishing SUP. It is longer and wider than many other boards on the market (11 feet long, 39″ wide, 4″ thick), making it more stable. It also offers more maneuverability for fishermen who need to navigate around river rocks, trees, plants or other structures.

Why Fish from an SUP?

This board is ideal for people who want to do their fishing from a paddleboard. These boards can reach more remote and usually better catch locations than standing on the shore or in the water wearing waders. Compared to a kayak, stand-up paddleboards offer riders the ability to both stand and sit. Their size and structure offer more stability than most people first think.

This higher-end board may cost more than other boards, but it definitely costs significantly less than a boat. Not to mention, it’s more convenient to transport to your nearest lake or stream. And don’t forget storage! Inflatable SUPs are especially convenient when it comes to storing them because they deflate and take up very little space.

Because this SUP has the angler in mind, there are lots of plates and D-rings on which to attach your fishing gear (or other stuff, if you’re not SUP fishing).

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