Slingshot Crossbreed SUP – Why Do People Like It?

Slingshot Sports makes an all-around performance SUP called the Slingshot Crossbreed. Whether you are just starting, you want to surf waves, paddle flatwater, try paddleboard yoga or simply travel and explore, the Crossbreed can go with you.

Slingshot Crossbreed Inflatable paddle Board Package

3 Reasons Why People Love this Slingshot Inflatable SUP:

1. It Feels and Performs Like a Hardboard

First of all, the Crossbreed inflates to a high 18 psi. Therefore, it feels more like a hardboard than its competitors. The sturdy, stable surface makes a great beginner SUP as well as a balancing platform for yoga, a riding surface for your pet and more.

2. You Can Use it for Multiple Activities

Second, the shape of the Crossbreed SUP gives you ultimate versatility. For example, the tapered nose and tail help generate more speed while the wide middle give the board more stability. Paddle for fitness, take up a paddleboard yoga practice, go fishing and more.

In addition, the rocker at the nose enable you to take on surf and choppy wave more easily. Take it in the ocean, down rivers, on lakes and bays.

3. It’s Easy to Carry it Where YOU Want to Go

Third, you no longer have to worry about the cost and hassle of transporting a large bulky paddleboard. Simply deflate it, roll it up and stick in the included carrying backpack. Then, you can carry it on an airplane, hike with it on your back or stick it in the trunk of your car.

How Can You Inflate this iSUP to 18 PSI?

Air Tech Inflatable SUP Construction Diagram
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The Slingshot Crossbreed features Air-Tech triple-layer construction with V-Drop Stitch technology. In simpler terms, you can inflate this SUP to a high pressure because it has super strong interior stitching.

Therefore, you get the best of both worlds: a very strong and durable board that is also lightweight and performs well in the water.

In fact, many people are surprised at how rigid these inflatables feel. Over the years, advanced technology has enabled inflatable SUPs to far surpass older models in strength and function.

Slingshot Inflatable SUP Package Includes:

  • 11′ iSUP
  • 9″ Tool-less Fin (snaps in place, no parts to lose)
  • Dual Action High Pressure Air Pump with Built-in Pressure Gauge
  • Heavy Duty Carrying Backpack
  • Patch Repair Kit
  • Get the Complete Package Here

Note: The one disadvantage of this paddleboard package is that it doesn’t include a paddle. You can get a good one here for about $60.

The following video shows how to pump up your paddleboard, carry it, paddle on it, deflate it and pack it in the backpack…

Slingshot Crossbreed SUP Specs:

  • Dimensions: 11′ long x 34″ wide x 6″ thick
  • Volume: 331 Liters
  • Max Inflation: 15-18 PSI
  • 4 Color Options: Red, Yellow, Blue, Green
  • About the Company: Slingshot Sports
  • Get the Slingshot Here

Slingshot Crossbreed Inflatable SUP Colors: Red, Yellow, Blue, Green

Jobe Aero SUP – Streamlined Design for Faster Paddling

Want a faster, more streamlined inflatable paddleboard? Look no further. This SUP works great for paddling long distances…

Jobe Aero SUP - 12 foot 6 inch Inflatable Paddleboard Package with pump, paddle, backpack

Jobe’s complete stand-up paddleboard package includes all of the gear and accessories that other packages have. However, the long, narrow shape of this SUP makes it glide through water faster than other inflatables.

This makes it ideal for longer expeditions where you want to cover more ground. Or… if you want to move further with less effort.

In comparison: many inflatable SUPs run between 31″ and 34″ at their widest point. The Jobe Aero measures 29″ wide. This can make a significant difference when it comes to speed, especially when you have a 12’6″ long board.

While the narrower design allows you to move more quickly with less effort, it does require more balance. In other words, this board is not the best choice for beginners. The iRocker 10’6″ or 11′ boards make great beginner SUPs.

Other Cool Features I Like:

First of all, the package includes a waterproof backpack. Therefore, it can double as a dry bag and carry your gear while you are paddling. In addition to being convenient, this feature can save you money from having to purchase a dry bag.

Second, the SUP has bungee straps on both the front and rear of the board. Many SUPs only have one set of bungees, so this gives you more versatility as to how much gear you can carry and where you want to put it.

Third, the carrying handle at the center of the platform includes a built-in paddle holder. So, if you are practicing paddleboard yoga, for example, you can secure your paddle without having to worry about it rolling off into the water.

Jobe Aero Inflatable SUP Package Includes:

  • iSUP
  • Adjustable Paddle
  • High Pressure Air Pump with Built-In Gauge
  • Waterproof Carrying Backpack
  • Coiled Leash (specifically for paddleboarding)
  • Patch Repair Kit
  • Get the Package Here

But Wait! You have More SUP Options…

Jobe Sports also makes shorter versions, including the 11’6″ Jobe Aero and the 10’6″ Jobe Aero inflatable paddleboards.

All 3 packages include high pressure air pumps, along with paddles, backpacks, etc.. In addition, they all feature the same high quality construction.

Construction of the Jobe Aero Inflatable SUP:

How are the 3 SUPs Different? The shorter boards offer more stability because they have a wider mid-point. On the other hand. the longer 12’6″ model moves faster through the water due to its narrower mid-point and streamlined shape. In addition, the shorter boards costs a few hundred dollars less.

Jobe Aero SUP Specs:

  • Dimensions: 12’6″ long x 29″ wide x 6′ thick
  • Size: 340 liters
  • Weight: 20.9 lbs
  • Weight Capacity: 265 lbs
  • Includes 8″ nylon detachable fin
  • About the Company: Jobe Sports
  • Get the Jobe SUP Here


Body Glove Inflatable SUP Review + 4 Ways to Use it

Body Glove makes a medium-length inflatable SUP that combines speed with stability. The 11 foot length gives you a little more length than the shorter boards, yet it is easier to maneuver and turn than the longer 12.5 foot paddle boards.

Body Glove Inflatable SUP Package, Inlcuding Pump, Paddle, Backpack and More

Body Glove “Performer” SUP Includes Lots of Cool Gear

Unlike other paddleboard packages, this one includes a cell phone dry bag and a carrier handle that doubles as a water bottle holder. In addition, you get a coiled leash, which comes in handy when you are paddling on rougher water or surf.

Moreover, this stand-up paddleboard has an added triple layer stringer design. This feature maximizes stiffness and rigidity. Therefore, the SUP feels more like a traditional fiberglass hardboard out on the water.

Note: The extra gear in this package delivers a nice bonus. However, it can also save you over $100 by not having to buy a paddle, leash, mini dry bag, etc..

Body Glove Inflatable Paddleboard Package Includes:

  • iSUP
  • Adjustable 3-Piece Aluminum Paddle (floats)
  • High Pressure Air Pump with Built-in Pressure Gauge
  • Triple layer stringer rigidity
  • SUP Backpack for Transporting Your SUP, Paddle, Pump, etc..
  • Cell Phone Dry Bag
  • Coil Leash (specifically for paddleboarding)
  • Patch Repair Kit
  • Get the Package Here

What Can You Do with Your Body Glove SUP?

On top of all the extra accessories you get, you can use the Body Glove Inflatable SUP for lots of activities.

1. Try Yoga. For example, the wider 34″ platform makes it a great surface for doing yoga. The increased stability also gives beginners a great way to learn and build confidence.

2. Take Your Dog Paddling. The higher 320 lb weight capacity provides the perfect excuse to bring your dog out paddling too. Multiple kids can paddle together too. The wide, stable design helps in the respect as well.

3. Paddle Down the River. Plus, you can take the Performer on rivers. The shorter fixed fins make it a better board for riding down rivers because they don’t catch and break like longer 8″ tracking fins. And, with inflatables, you don’t have to worry about dings or dents in your board. The SUP simply bounces off rocks and logs.

4. Take a Vacation. Because this iSUP inflates and deflates, you can easily take it on camping trips, tropical vacations or road trips. This one piece of sports gear lets you take entertainment and fitness right along with you. Plus, you won’t have to pay high rental fees once you get to your destination.

Body Glove Inflatable SUP Specs:

  • Dimensions: 11′ long x 34″ wide x 6″ thick
  • Max Weight Capacity: 320 lbs
  • Weight: 24 lbs
  • Material: Heavy Duty Poly Vinyl Fabric
  • Get the SUP Here

People know Bodyglove for their wetsuits, rash guards, board shorts water shoes and apparel. In addition, Bodyglove makes an entire line of inflatable paddleboards for touring, river running, fishing, etc.. The video shows this line of iSUPs being used in a variety of different settings. (Makes me want to travel!)

Note: The Performer has some speed, but not as much as other racing iSUPs like the Needlenose. This is because it is about 4″ wider at the mid-line.

If you want a faster board, get the Needlenose. However, know that you will be giving up some stability.


Sea Eagle Needlenose SUP – Best Inflatable Racing SUP?

The line of Needlenose SUPs from Sea Eagle stands head and shoulders above most other inflatable paddleboards. They cost more, however, the custom design and special features make the investment worth it if you want to keep up with the hardboards…

Sea Eagle Needlenose SUP - Is it Better than Other Inlfatable Paddleboards?

What Makes a Needle Nose Inflatable SUP Different?

The Needlenose SUPs outperform other inflatable paddleboards because of their patented “Needle nose” design. Basically, the straight, sharp and low-rise nose of this SUP enables the board to efficiently cut through water, wind and waves.

In other words, because the bow of the board doesn’t turn upward, there is less surface area to slow the board down.

Therefore, the hydrodynamic design lets it move faster with less effort, performing more like a hardboard. In fact, the nose itself is actually constructed of rigid ABS plastic.

In addition, the built-in kick tail lets you pivot and kick turn a lot easier. I see very few iSUPs with this feature.

If you want to get into paddleboard racing, but prefer an iSUP over traditional boards, the Sea Eagle Inflatable SUP gives you a big advantage. Plus, it costs less and is much easier to carry on a plane (…if you want to enter a race in Hawaii or Florida, for example). 😉

In my opinion, these stand-up paddleboards make a perfect choice for regular paddlers or people who want to race. On the other hand, if you simply want to have fun paddleboarding occasionally, you may want to save a few hundred dollars and invest in a less expansive package like the ISLE Explorer or the Jimmy Styks SUP.

Each Sea Eagle Needlenose SUP Package Includes:

  • Inflatable Paddleboard
  • 3-Part Adjustable Composite Fiberglass SUP Paddle
  • High Pressure Air Pump with Pressure Gauge
  • Slide-in Skeg
  • Carrying Backpack
  • Repair Kit
  • Get it Here

Sea Eagle Needlenose Inflatable SUP Package

Note: The fiberglass paddle that comes in this package is a lightweight, higher-end paddle (better for racing). These typically cost at least double what the heavier aluminum paddles cost that usually come with other iSUP packages. In short: you’re getting a valuable upgrade here.

Sea Eagle SUP Comparison Chart:

Sea Eagle Inflatable SUP Comparison Chart: NN116, NN126, NN125R, NN14,
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Sea Eagle Paddle Boards: