Compare Inflatable SUP’s for 2018 [Stand up Paddleboards]

Many inflatable paddleboards have similar features. Knowing these will help you shop and compare. Scroll below the chart for tips.

iSUPs Best Price Rating
Length Thickness Max PSI
What’s Included? Notes
iRocker Cruiser iSUPiRocker Cruiser Inflatable SUP
5.0 10’6″ 6″ 15 PSI High Pressure Air Pump w/ Gauge, Fin, Adjustable Fiberglass Paddle, Coiled Leash, Repair Kit, Backpack Package includes more gear than other SUP packages. Plus, paddle and backpack have higher end construction.
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Body Glove iSUPBody Glove Inflatable SUP Package
4.6 11′ 6″ 15 PSI High Pressure Air Pump w/ Gauge, Fin, Adjustable Aluminum Paddle, Coiled Leash, Cell Phone Dry Bag, Repair Kit, Backpack SUP has an added triple layer stringer design. This feature maximizes stiffness and rigidity (feels more like hard board).
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Isle Inflatable SUPIsle Airtech iSUP Package
5.0 11′ & 12’6″ 6″ 15 PSI Paddle, High Pressure Pump w/Gauge, Fins, Repair Kit Longer board (12’6″) is fast, made for racing and carries up to 300lbs.
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Aqua Marina iSUPAqua Marina iSUP Package
5.0 9’9″, 10’10” 4″-6″ 15 PSI High Pressure Air Pump w/Gauge, Paddle, 1-3 Fins, Carry Bag Great low price for durable SUP, complete package. Lots of D-rings (7) for securing cargo.
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Tower AdventurerTower Adventurer Inflatable SUP
4.5 9’6″ 6″ 15 PSI High Pressure Air Pump, Paddle, Fin Super durable, carries up to 350 lbs & survives an accidental car drive-over.
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Isle Airtech Yoga PaddleboardIsle Airtech Inflatable Yoga Paddleboard
4.5 10’4″ 6″ 15 PSI High Pressure Air Pump w/ Gauge, 3-Piece Adjustable Paddle, 3 Fins, Repair Kit Super durable, carries up to 350 lbs & survives an accidental car drive-over.
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Stingray Hybrid SUP KayakStingray Hybrid Paddleboard Kayak
4.5 10′ 4″ 15 PSI High Pressure Air Pump w/Gauge, Paddle (w/ Second Blade), Removable Fabric Seat, Footrest, Fin, Storage Bag, Repair Kit Get a paddleboard and sit-on-top kayak for one low price (without having to buy the seat separately).
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Ten Toes WeekenderTen Toes Weekender SUP
$549-$599 4.5 10′ 6″ 15 PSI High Pressure Air Pump, Paddle, 3 Fins, Repair Kit Good “do-everything” board, including paddleboard yoga, comes in 5 different colors.
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Milkshake Kids SUPMilkshake Inflatable SUP for Kids with GoPro Mount
4.0 8′ 4″ 12 PSI High Pressure Air Pump, Gauge, Fin, Coiled Leash, Carrying Pack, Repair Kit Designed specifically for kids, comes in multiple colorful designs, has GoPro Mount.
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Airhead iSUPAirhead Inflatable SUP Package
4.5 10’6″ 4″ 15 PSI High Pressure Air Pump, Gauge, Backpack Can be used with an attachable seat (included!) to turn it into a “sit-on-top kayak”.
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BadfishBadfish Inflatable SUP
$1650 5.0 11′ Varies 14 PSI High Pressure Air Pump, Fin, Carry Bag, Repair Kit Extra wide, stable board with scotty mounts for anchoring, poles, etc and designed for, yes, fishing.
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“The Puffer” iSUPJimmy Styks Puffer Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard
$599 4.5 11’2″ 6″ 15 PSI High Pressure Air Pump, Paddle, Fin, Coiled Leash, Carrying Bag, Patch Repair Kit Good all-around board for paddling longer distances in straight lines, not as easy to turn. Higher weight capacity up to 270 lbs.
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Sea Eagle Needlenose SUPSea Eagle Needlenose Inflatable SUP
4.6 12’6″ 6″ 15 PSI High Pressure Air Pump w/ Gauge, Fin, Adjustable Paddle, Repair Kit, Backpack Patented ABS plastic “Needle Nose” design makes this SUP move faster through the water with less effort. Therefore, better for racing.
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Jobe Aero iSUPJobe Aero Inflatable Paddleboard Package
4.5 12’6″ 6″ 15 PSI High Pressure Air Pump w/ Gauge, Fin, Adjustable Paddle, Coiled Leash, Repair Kit, Waterproof Backpack Narrower mid-line for faster, more streamlined design. However, less stable and not ideal for beginners.
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Tips for Comparing Inflatable Paddleboards:

Inflatable SUP Similarities:

First of all, they are typically made using extra-durable military grade drop-stitch construction. This gives them long-lasting durability, enabling them to bounce off rocks unharmed or sustain a car driving over them.

Secondly, each inflatable sup has a deck pad. These prevent slipping and make the surface comfortable to stand on. In addition, they provide an excellent surface for performing paddleboard yoga.

Third, all iSUPs come with a high-pressure pump with which you inflate your board. You don’t have to purchase on separately. These are lightweight hand pumps that don’t require a power source, therefore, you can carry them with you.

Inflatable SUP Differences:

On the other hand, inflatable paddleboards vary. Look for the following characteristics when comparing SUPs:

  • An iSUP with a thickness of 6″ usually allows a higher inflation pressure than a 4″ board. Therefore, it can support more weight, retain more rigidity, float higher out of the water and provide more stability for the rider.
  • SUP Paddles typically cost $70 and up. Therefore, an SUP package that includes a paddle can save you a significant amount of money (assuming that the package is not expensive).
  • You definitely want an adjustable paddle. Most paddles are, by the way. If you plan to travel much, consider an SUP with a travel paddle that separates into 3 short segments for easy transport.
  • Larger stand up paddleboards can offer more stability and hold more weight. However, they can be more cumbersome to carry because of their length. For example, a 12’6″ SUP vs a 10′ SUP. They usually weight about the same, and some people don’t think it makes much of a difference.
  • Some paddleboards come with short fins (ie 2″ or so), while others have a longer tracking fin. Shorter fins make the board easier to turn and maneuver. A longer tracking fin helps the SUP move in a straight, efficient streamline when you paddle longer distances.
  • A longer SUP with a pointed nose typically can move faster through the water and is designed for speed or racing. On the other hand, shorter paddleboards (10′ or less) can more easily navigate through surf, choppy water, turns, etc..


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