iRocker Paddle Board Review – What Do I Think?

iRocker Paddle Board Review: What Do I Think?

iRocker SUP makes several different affordably-priced paddleboard models. I’ll discuss 3 of their popular boards here because they each have a unique design and purpose. Therefore, it makes it easy to decide which SUP is right for you.

My Take: iRocker SUPs cost a little more than basic, cheaper models. However, their packages include more gear (including a high-quality fiberglass paddle) and they offer a longer 2-year warranty on their products. The quality and reliability is worth the investment, in my opinion.

What Do You Get?

As I mentioned above, you get more in iRocker SUP packages. You get more gear, plus the quality is higher. It’s a win-win, AND you get get to go paddleboarding. What’s more to want, right?

SUP Packages Include:

  • Inflatable SUP with Fins
  • Adjustable Travel Fiberglass Paddle
  • High Pressure Dual-Action Air Pump with Built-in Gauge
  • Carrying Backpack with Padded Straps, Waist Belt and Chest Strap
  • Coiled Leash
  • Repair Kit

This SUP Package May Appear Standard, but Here’s How it Differs:

iRocker Inflatable SUP on the Water1. Higher-Quality Paddle

First, the fiberglass paddle weighs less than regular cheap aluminum SUP paddles, which are typically included in iSUP packages. In short, you’re getting a valuable upgrade here because fiberglass paddles often cost twice as much if not more.

Plus, the paddle breaks down into 3 sections for easy travel, AND you can easily adjust it to your height.

2. Fast, Efficient Air Pump

Second, the dual action pump inflates the SUP both on the upstroke and the downstroke. Many pumps only inflate on the downstroke. Therefore, you can basically cut your inflation time in half. As the PSI increases, simply switch to single action to make pumping easier.

How to Inflate the iRocker SUP:

3. Easier, Built-in Pressure Gauge

Third, the air pump has the pressure gauge built in. Cheaper pumps don’t have this feature, and the gauge may come separately.

This means that you have to disconnect the pump and attach the gauge to measure the inflation of your board. This extra step simply makes it inconvenient. Not to mention that the small gauge can easily get lost.

iRocker SUP Backpack for Carrying your paddleboard4. Hands-Down, Way Better Carrying Bag

Fourth, the carrying bag comes in the form of a comfortable backpack. You can carry it much more easily (and comfortably), especially if you are flying on an airplane or hiking to a lake.

The backpack, padded straps, waist belt and chest strap make a big difference.

5. Coiled SUP Leash

Fifth, you get a coiled leash. Many SUP packages don’t include a leash.

By the way, coiled leashes are better for paddleboarding vs non-coiled leashes which you typically use when surfing. You’ve got the right leash here.

iRocker Inflatable SUP Comparison

iSUP Price Dimensions Weight Capacity Performance Who it’s Designed For
iRocker 10′ SportiRocker Sport Inflatable SUP, 10 feet long
10′ x 30″ x 6″ 350 lbs Fast SUP, very easy to maneuver, performs better on surf bug less stable. Slim, shorter design makes it ideal for racing and making fast turns. Better for navigating rivers and for paddlesurfing.
iRocker 10’6″ CruiseriRocker Cruiser Inflatable SUP, 10 foot 6 inches long
10’6″ x 33″ x 6″ 350 lbs Very stable board, slower model, performs better on flat water than surf. Size, shape make this SUP good for beginners, larger riders, people with pets and yoga enthusiasts.
iRocker 11′ All-AroundiRocker Inflatable SUP 11 foot All Around Paddleboard Package
11′ x 32″ x 6″ 385 lbs Very stable, easy to maneuver, average speed, better on flat water than in surf. Length and weight capacity make this versatile SUP good for larger riders, carrying pets or cargo like fishing tackle.

How to Convert the iRocker Paddle Board into a Kayak:

The iRocker has a very cool feature, in that you can get an optional kayak seat. Therefore, you can use your SUP as a sit-on-top kayak as well.

It’s like getting 2 pieces of sports equipment in one! The company makes them, so they fit perfectly to your SUP. You can get a lot The following video shows how to make the conversion:

SUP Kayak Seat | Kayak Paddle Blade


Electric SUP Pump – How to Inflate Your Paddleboard Fast

Inflatable SUPs have a big advantage on hard boards in that you can deflate them and easily carry them on airplanes, camping trips and more. However, inflating them with a manual air pump takes work.

Electric SUP Pump - The Easy Wao to Pump Up an Inflatable SUP

The Pros and Cons of Using an Electric SUP Pump:

Some people don’t mind the extra “workout” that pumping up an inflatable paddleboard provides. That said, an electric SUP pump lets you get the job done faster and with less effort.

That said, electric air pumps cost more money. On average, You can spend between $100 and $200 on a device.

Therefore, I would not suggest investing in one unless you plan on using it on a regular basis. You can also use an electric pump to inflate pools, kayaks, air mattresses and inflatable furniture.

I’ve found 2 good electric air pumps for blowing up inflatable paddleboards.

1. Bravo BP12 Single Stage Electric Air Pump

This compact pump weighs less than 3 lbs, so you can easily carry it with you. It inflates up to 14.5 PSI, the standard inflation pressure for an SUP.

In the following video, Dominic from Boardworks demonstrates how to use this electric pump to inflate your SUP. Plus, he provides some helpful tips to make the device more effective and easier to use.

The Bravo inflates quickly and stops automatically when it reaches the selected pressure. Simply select the inflation pressure you want and press the ON button.

Note: This machine does not deflate. In addition, you can not plug it into a wall outlet or the cigarette lighter/12V outlet in your vehicle.

BP12 High-Pressure Electric SUP PumpThe package includes alligator clips, which you use to connect the pump to your car battery.

Package Includes:

  • High Pressure Air Pump
  • 102″ (8’6″) Cable with Alligator Clips
  • 72″ (6′) Inflation Hose
  • Common Valve Adapters
  • Get it Here

2. BTP Mano Two Stage Electric Turbo Pump

Similar to the Bravo electric pump above, the BTP Mano can inflate your SUP to 14.5 PSI quickly, and stops automatically when finished. It also features alligator clips, which you connect to your vehicle battery. See how it works:

The main difference is that this device has a 2-stage pump. Stage one fills faster at low pressure and then kicks into stage two, which has a high pressure piston. It’s designed for rapid inflation as well as reaching high pressure capacities.

BTP Mano 2-Stage Electric SUP PumpPackage Includes:

  • High Air Pressure Pump
  • 102″ (8’6″) Cable with Alligator Clips
  • 72″ (6′) Inflation Hose
  • Common Valve Adapters
  • Get it Here

By the way, both electric sup pumps are made by Sea Eagle, the well-known maker of inflatable kayaks, boats and SUPs since 1968. They make high-quality gear and equipment that are designed to last.


Is the Sportsstuff Paddle Board a Good Deal?

Is the Sportsstuff Paddle Board a Good Deal?

The Sportsstuff Inflatable Paddleboard may not be the highest-quality or best performing SUP, but I think it offers a good value. Here’s Why:

1. The Complete SUP Package Only Costs About $320

Sportsstuff Paddle Board Package with Board, Paddle, Pump, Guage, Lease, Backpack, Fin, Repair KitRarely do you find a well-made stand-up paddleboard for $300, let alone one with a free paddle. This budget-priced iSUP includes both (and more). Plus you get free shipping.

If you want a basic inflatable board that you can easily travel with, without spending a bunch of money, the Sportsstuff Paddle Board offers a great deal.

2. You Can Use the SUP as a Kayak Too

Along with everything else, you get a detachable kayak seat that you can use to transform the board into a sit-on-top kayak. Essentially, you get 2 pieces of sports equipment in one without having to pay extra money. Switch up your activity depending on your mood.

All that said, the paddle included is an SUP paddle, not a dual-sided paddle designed for kayaking. Paddling may be a little tricky unless you already have a kayak paddle.Sportsstuff Inflatable SUP with Detachable Kayak Seat

3. This Smaller Board is Easier to Carry and Transport

The smaller size of this 10’6″ SUP makes it lighter in weight and less awkward to carry than 12′ or 12’6″ models. In addition, it can fit into a smaller bag when rolled up.

Although to some people this factor may not matter, it can make paddleboard transportation easier, especially for the smaller person.

Sportsstuff Inflatable SUP 10'6" long

4. Get the Same Features that More Expensive SUPs Have

Just like other more expensive paddleboards, the Sportsstuff has stainless steel D-rings for towing and securing cargo atop the board. These come in very handy, whether you want to drag a floating cooler behind you, tie your SUP up to a boat or carry a dry bag full of clothes, food or towels on top of your board.

The EVA deck pad spans a large portion of the SUP, making it more stable and comfortable to stand on. Plus, it provides a no-slip surface for doing yoga poses, if you’re into that.

Inflatable SUP Package Includes:

  • 10’6″ Inflatable Paddleboard with Detachable Fin
  • High Pressure Hand Pump with Gauge
  • Removable Kayak Seat
  • Adjustable Aluminum SUP Paddle
  • Coiled Leash
  • Mesh Backpack (fits deflated SUP and pump)
  • Repair Patch Kit and Valve Wrench

Possible Disadvantages of the Sportsstuff SUP

1. This paddleboard only has a 4″ thickness. Therefore, it will float lower in the water and not support as much weight. I think this board would be ideal for people under 180 lbs.

2. The included paddle is aluminum rather than fiberglass. This means that it will weight more. Some people don’t notice a difference in weight, and the majority of SUP paddles included in packages like this are aluminum.

3. You don’t get a kayak paddle. Oh well. With the money you save, you can afford to go out and get a $25 kayak paddle if you really want one.

Buy at Walmart | Buy at Amazon

Sportsstuff Paddle Board Specs:

  • Dimensions: 10’6 long x 30″ wide x 4″ thick
  • Weight Capacity: 220-250 lbs
  • Max PSI: 15
  • Weight: 27 lbs
  • Model #: 55-5010
  • Get it Here

Sportsstuff is one of Airhead Sports Group’s large family of brands. They are a member of the Stand Up Paddle Industry Association.


Find the Best Kids Paddle Board…

Kids love paddleboarding. They can entertain themselves for hours with paddling, gymnastics or yoga poses or simply just floating around. In addition, this sport is easy to learn for virtually all ages with a low risk of injury.

Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboards for Kids from Xterra

Compared to adult paddleboards, the Milkshake kids boards are smaller and easier to maneuver.

They also come in a variety of fun, colorful designs (watermelon, pineapple, orange, green apple and strawberry).

GoPro Mount on Kids SUPPlus, they each come with a GoPro Mount for extra fun.

How Do Inflatable SUP’s Compare to Hard Boards?

1. Portability

These stand-up paddleboards are inflatable, which means that you can transport them pretty much anywhere. In fact, you can roll them up, stick them in the accompanying backpack and carry them on an airplane with you. You also don’t need a lot of space to store them.

2. Durability

Kids Doing Yoga Poses on Inflatable PaddleboardsIn addition, they don’t ding or dent like traditional hardboards. Their strong structural design enables them to bounce off docks, logs, rocks and other structures that you might come across in lakes, rivers and bays.

Boards feature military grade drop stitch material and double reinforcement, making them ultra durable. You don’t have to worry about them warping or losing their shape over time because it doesn’t happen.

This is not your typical pool toy. In fact, it’s just as tough as an adult board (and it costs half as much!). Your kids inflatable sup can last many years maintenance-free, and you can get lots of use out of it.

Kids SUP Package Complete with Board, Paddle, Air Pump, Fin, Carrying Bag and Repair Patch Kit3. You Get a Complete Package

The Milkshake paddleboard bundle includes everything you need to get out on the water. You don’t have to buy additional gear or accessories.

SUP Package Includes:

  • 8′ Inflatable Paddleboard
  • High Pressure Air Pump
  • Adjustable Paddle
  • Removable Fin
  • Coiled Leash
  • Carrying Backpack
  • Patch Repair Kit
  • Get the Complete Package Here

More Features I Like…

Other nice features that I like about this kids sup include (1) the large grip deck pad, (2) bungee cords and (3) the carrying handle.

The deck pad makes the SUP more stable and easier to stand on (especially when wet). On-deck bungee cords come in handy for carrying bags, flip flops, hats – plus holding your paddle. The center handle provides for easier carrying without having to lift the board over your head.

How Do You Inflate the Kids Paddle Board?

5 Color Options for the Milkshake Inflatable SUP for KidsThis package includes the air pump that you need. It is specially-designed for kids, so they can inflate the paddleboard easily within about 5 minutes.

Plus, you can actually keep the board inflated for several months without it losing air.

Therefore, you don’t have to pump it up every time you use it (as long as you have the space to store it).

How to Teach Kids to Paddleboard:

Is your child new to stand-up paddleboarding? Check out this quick paddeboard tutorial for kids below.

Milkshake Kids Paddle Board Specs:

  • Dimensions: 8′ long x 30″ wide x 4″ thick
  • Weight: 25 lbs
  • Weight Capacity: 155 lbs
  • Colors: Watermelon, Orange, Green Apple, Pineapple, Strawberry
  • About the Company
  • Get it Here